Re: msvideo.dll

Matthew Sanderson (
Tue, 21 Feb 1995 02:15:08 -0500

On Mon, 20 Feb 1995, Jesus Arango wrote:

> Does the dynamic link library msvideo.dll has to be used in the
> \windows\system directory if I am only receiving video but not sending?
You have to make msvideo.dll available to Windows if you want to receive,
but it can be in a directory other than \windows\system. I run cusm
from it's own directory (\win\cu34b4) and both the .exe and .dll are
there - at upgrade time, I don't want to hunt through \system trying to
match up .exe's with .dll's.

Hope this helps!
By the way - I find your .sig really obnoxious and in poor taste.
I twice was ready to Ctl-C this post because of it.
You know what I use as a metric of something being suitable for the 'net?
If it seems deliberately designed to offend, I'm not going to waste my
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