Re: A ringing feature!
Tue, 21 Feb 1995 07:46:06 -0500

I was thinking about this very same feature over the weekend and have
some additional thoughts on the subject.

I suggest that the Windows Client have a ringer option such that the
Cu-SeeMe client can be minimized and when a connection attempt is made,
the client blips the address and name of the sender on the screen.
It would need a capability to turn it off, and for a sound (ctrl G) to
be added or turned off.

Actually, I was thinking of developing this program myself as a
separate application that waits for Cu-SeeMe UDP packets, then spawns
Cu-SeeMe. The point is that the functions could be de-coupled and
probably should be. A ringer option which is built in to Cu-SeeMe
might make it unsuitable for TV-like applications. However, such a
function would be very useful for personal communications. So a
separate application that spawned Cu-SeeMe would work nicely.

Just a few additional thoughts.