Re: A ringing feature!

Ko Stoel (
Tue, 21 Feb 1995 09:47:57 -0500

> I was thinking about this very same feature over the weekend and have
> some additional thoughts on the subject.
> I suggest that the Windows Client have a ringer option such that the
> Cu-SeeMe client can be minimized and when a connection attempt is made,
> the client blips the address and name of the sender on the screen.
> It would need a capability to turn it off, and for a sound (ctrl G) to
> be added or turned off.
> Actually, I was thinking of developing this program myself as a
> separate application that waits for Cu-SeeMe UDP packets, then spawns
> Cu-SeeMe. The point is that the functions could be de-coupled and
> probably should be. A ringer option which is built in to Cu-SeeMe
> might make it unsuitable for TV-like applications. However, such a
> function would be very useful for personal communications. So a
> separate application that spawned Cu-SeeMe would work nicely.
> Just a few additional thoughts.

More general something like /etc/inetd (unix)

Also maybe we can ask to modify the next (talkd) to do what we want;

>Talk v1.1.1 & Talkd v1.1.1 is an implementation of the UNIX Talk
>protocol for Macs with MacTCP. Talkd is a background only application
>that notifies you when a talk connection is requested, and Talk is a
>talk client, allowing you to talk to other machines. Talk and Talkd
>work with both System 6 and 7.
>Changes since v1.1.0:
>Fixed incompatibility with AppleScript
>Talk now launched Talkd (under System 7) if its not running already)
>Talkd will now wait for MacTCP to start up after it (for MacSLIP etc)
>Talk&Talkd are Shareware, $5.
>Hope you like them,
> Peter. <>
>Talk 1.1.1 & Talkd 1.1.1 Copyright 1992-93, Peter N Lewis

Ko Stoel