Re: 14.4 not good

Tue, 21 Feb 1995 10:37:39 -0500

You can receive video only just fine at 14.4, but the sender has to
reduce the rate to 15 or under. You can send and receive just fine at
28.8. E-mail me and we can set up a time to try it if you wish.

On Tue, 21 Feb 1995, Byron Thomason wrote:

> I have been fascinated and have had much fun with cuseeme up to this point.
> But, the fun is wearing off. The 14.4 connection just does not cut it. I
> downloaded a cuseeme demo from a web site that shows the shuttle blasting
> off. I was captured at 64kbps and was very, very good. What I wouldn't
> give to have a 128 isdn. Is isdn the only way for a home hobbyist to go.
> Is there anything else out there on the horizon for me? Thanks, Byron.
> PS: I'm sure all us 14.4's are getting pretty bummed out about our lot...