Next Windows version

Richard Cogger (
Tue, 21 Feb 1995 17:10:18 -0500

We have posted the next Windows version for alpha testers. This is
NOT intended for general release at this time. It has a limited
receive-only audio capability. Those who are on the alpha list have been
informed about how to get it and unzip it. (It is posted on the regular
anonymous ftp server, but the zip file requires a password to unzip. DON'T
download it and complain about being unable to unzip if you are not on the
alpha list.)
If you really want to be on the alpha list, write to Rich Kennerly
( However, we have plenty of alpha testers, and I would
recommend you wait for a beta release. That should be in 2-3 weeks,
depending on how the alpha testing goes.

Cheers, -Dick