Re: A ringing feature!

Preston Holmes (
Wed, 22 Feb 1995 16:32:24 -0800

At 4:46 AM 2/21/95, wrote:
> I was thinking about this very same feature over the weekend and have
> some additional thoughts on the subject.

Let me take advantage of this thread to bring up a Utility idea that I
already mentioned a while back (though it was a bit burried). How about a
utility that polls all the reflectors in your nickname list and returns a
screen showing the number of people on each reflector. This tracker-like
program would help distribute the load when Cornell is swamped and everyone
else is empty. I don't know if this could be written with the current
reflector, or if something has to be added to the reflector software.
Although it would increase the IRC nature of CU-SeeMe (which some consider
negative), it would also cut down on people connecting to a bunch of
reflectors just trying to find somebody to experiment with.


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