Problems w/ VideoBlaster RT300

Chance Reschke (
Wed, 22 Feb 1995 20:33:40 -0500 (EST)


I'm trying to get CU-SeeMe to work on a PC equiped with a Video Blaster
RT300. The standard MS video capture program (vidcap) displays an image
when a video camera is attached to the board, but CU-SeeMe refuses to

Upon starting Cu-SeeMe, two dialog boxes are displayed saying
"Unsupported function". When I select "Video Format" from the "File"
pull-down menu, a dialog box saying "RT300CAP.drv There are no
capture/edcode algorithms configured in your system." appears. The local
window is displayed, but with a static picture of fuzz. The pull-down
menus are extreemly slow to respond to either mouse or keyboard commands.

I'm running Cu-SeeMe version W0.34b4. It behaves normally when the video
capture card is not installed in the computer.

If anyone has any suggestions for fixing my problem with Cu-SeeMe, please
reply via private mail.


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