ComputerEyes/RT!!! Can't do 160x120!

Greg Simpson (
Thu, 23 Feb 1995 13:13:36 -0500

CU-seeme reports version:

I'm searching for a newer version - but here's my complaint for
this version:

I own a 486/50 (running ever-obnoxious windows) and have a Digital Vision
Inc. Computereyes/RT capture board -
the default video mode is 128x120x8 bit color. I've got VFW 1.1 installed,
with the msvideo.dll in my cuseeme directory renamed to msvideo.old so that
there is no conflict there. I've tried it in 640x480x24bit (default) and 8bit.

With the CE/RT driver installed, cuseeme refuses to run, giving me a very
annoying GPF with the capture driver.

It appears that the CE/RT driver will refuse to initialize at 160x120 -
Does a newer version include pseudo 160x120 support - ie,
128x120 with perhaps a black border on either side? This would make me
incredibly happy.. Well, if it is not included in a current release, could
you please consider it as an option in the future?

So .. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any help!

-Greg Simpson