Re: Stubborn local window on a DELL DGX
Thu, 23 Feb 95 13:06:18 EST


You might check with the display adapter vendor to see if you need to exclude certain
memory ranges in the windows system.ini file that may not have been sensed by
setup. You can try to exclude the whole block of EMM to see if behavoir improves.

Just a hunch that display adapter special mem conflicts could be causing some of the
random problems win folks have been posting here.

Regards, pap

Alain Caillet wrote:
>As anyone experiment this frustrating behaviour in a DELL 486
>with the DGX on board accelerator.
>The CUSM local window is invisible. But it's there in memory, I can
>see it is by using Alt+Tab to display the active windows but
>does not pop on the screen when summoned or when "Bring
>to Front" is selected.
>This locally invisible "local window" is available for transmission
>to client CUSM who connects. Remote received windows do display
>as well as the local CU connection window.
>Any idea ?... Alain