Re: FS-200
Thu, 23 Feb 1995 17:16:18 -0500

Leon, Once the VB is installed make sure that it works with MS VIDEO, than
clean boot except for 1)HIMEM 2)FILES 3)BUFFERS in config.sys and 1)share
2)win in the autoexec.bat file. Let me know if you have a problem.
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Date: Sun, 29 Jan 95 07:22:26 EST
From: (Leon)
Subject: FS-200

Bennett, I've got an FS-200 coming tomorrow. Any tips you can pass on
for getting yours to work will be much appreciated! I suppose it would
be best to post them to the list, but by all means email me personally if
you wish. I don't expect it to be easy, but I imagine the hardest part
will be figuring out what to gut out of autoexec.bat and config.sys. Have
you had any PATH problems, e.g. trouble because needed files are not in
the PATH, or there more than once?

Best regards,

Leon Malinofsky

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