Re: CU-SEEME on GeoPort/MacSLIP

Richard Cogger (
Fri, 24 Feb 1995 10:06:49 -0500

The 840AV has a dsp which is used both by the sound manager and the
software express modem for geoport. Both may not work at once. There may
be some hookin to the digitizer too, but I don't know what. If you can
borrow an external modem, you might want to try an experiment of not using
the geoport, which I would bet is the problem, somehow. -Dick

>CU-SEEME boggles my mind at such a great program, but I have some problems:
>Without video hooked in, CU-SEEME works fine including sending my blank
>video window (840av has built-in video) which others can see, and into
>which I can type, very stable.
>I cannot get CU-SEEME to work when a video camera is plugged into the
>Composite In port. My "Local Video" window appears, then the Participant's
>windows appear, then I FREEZE immediately.
>No problem "connecting to Self"
>Should I be able to send video with a modem or could the GeoPort & its
>software be the problem
>840av, 16mg, Syst 7.5 (very stable on the net & otherwise)
>GeoPort 1.2.2, EM 1.5.5 (very stable)
>MacSLIP (also otherwise very stable)
>Is anyone using CU-SEEME with the above config?
>Any help would be most most appreciated.
>Keep up the GREAT work!
>S. Taylor