Mac Ethernet/ISDN Connection

John Carey (
Fri, 24 Feb 1995 07:32:49


There are quite a few products now that convert between Ethernet and ISDN.
One product that is currently very popular in the United States is the
Combinet Everywhere 160 Ethernet to ISDN Bridge. This takes your Ethernet
output and translates it to ISDN and visa versa. Your service provider must
have a similar arrangement on the other end as well.

Your assumption about AppleTalk is only correct if you are using AppleTalk or
rather EtherTalk in conjunction with your ISDN line. What you probably
actually want is for MacTCP to make use of the Ethernet/ISDN bridge.

As far as I know, this should have no effect on your QuickCam as it uses the
serial port, not the Ethernet port.

As this answer is brief and non-technical, I opted for self-summarization.

John (

>Hi all

>As a Mac Quadra 700 user I have built-in Ethernet and I've seen some
>reference to direct Ethernet-to-ISDN adaptors. Can someone explain how
>these work? Not technical please, from a current users perspective. How
>much do they cost? Have I got the wrong end of the stick?

>I assume that this will activate Appletalk. Will this disable a QuickCam,
>or is there a workaround? The point obviously is to connect to the Internet
>using ISDN/Ethernet and use a QuickCam for Cu-SeeMe.

>If you reply via email I'll summarize for the list.



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