SIR.CUS Rave in Paris March 4th 1995

chris barth (
Fri, 24 Feb 1995 20:32:12 +0100

On March 4th 1995 (saturday in 8 days) there will be a gigantic Techno event
called SIR.CUS Cybernaut system with a cybernetic Chill Out composed of 40
PC's connected to the Net.

We are expecting about 6000 people at the party as well as a LOT of press
(written+national TV's and Radios)

The Cybernetic Chill Out will be an opening to most of the World's
Electronic cafe's.
with the Following activities:

- IRC chat and Cuseeme with clubs and cafe's around the world
- Net Surfing on techno/ambiant and more generally music oriented WEB's
- E-mailing

We will have our own Cuseeme reflector to which you can connect yourself
during the event (I will mail the adress to you as soon as I'm sure of it)

Our total Bandwidth will be of 384 Kbps

If any of you CUseeme freaks feel like connecting yourselves please feel free!

I am also looking for some clubs and bars which have Internet connectivity
and CU-seeme equipment to join us.

If you're interested or want any aditional information, please E-mail me at: (Don't reply on this list PLEASE!)

Take care,


PS:Concerning the Techno part, the artists will be:

Damon Wild (USA)
Laurent Garnier (Paris)
Carl Cox (UK)
Derick May (USA)
Manu Le Malin (Paris)
Lynn (Belgium - After)
Thorgull (Paris - After)

Live: Robert Leiner - The Source Experience (Sweden)
Daft Punk (Paris - After)

The party starts at 10pm and finishes 8am.