Re: QuickCam and AppleScript (the saga continues)

David Ray (
Fri, 24 Feb 1995 12:05:10 -0800

Flint S Hahn <> wrote:
>Thanks to whom ever posted the information on setting up the QuickCam
>with AppleScript. I had the thing running in about 2 hours. Now the
>next step is allowing the client to 'click' and activate the camera.

Here's the script I use. I tried PhotoCapture but found it kind of buggy,
so I decided to use QuickPICT and AutoType instead. In this example the
script is a text file called "" and sits in the home directory of
MacHTTP. The URL they would use is http://myhost/davecam.

property crlf : (ASCII character 13) & (ASCII character 10)

property http_10_header : "HTTP/1.0 200 OK" & crlf & "Server: MacHTTP" &
crlf & "MIME-Version: 1.0" & crlf & "Content-type: text/html" &
crlf & crlf

--tell application "PhotoCapture"
-- activate
-- Capture to Clipboard
--end tell

tell application "QuickPICT"
AutoType "t" holding "command"
end tell

tell application "clip2gif"
convert saving as GIF in a reference to file "Mac:MacHTTP:temp.gif"
end tell

set theText to http_10_header &
"<html><head></head><body>" &
"<center><blink><h1>DaveCam</h1></blink>" &
"<img src=\"/temp.gif\"><p>" & (current date) &
"<br>Click \"Reload\" on your browser to take another picture." &
return theText

Unfortunately, the only way I've found to display a new image is to click
"reload" from the browser. If I used a link in the html for the person to
click to take a new picture, the old image keeps coming up in Netscape
(even though a new image is generated). This must have something to do with
it not checking the "last modified" date of the GIF and posting the old
image from cache. The reload button fixes this, but ideally there should be
a way for it to work from a link.

Any suggestions on how to fix this so the browser doesn't reload the old
image (besides giving the GIF a new unique name each time which I don't
want to do.).
What can I do to force Netscape to load the new image from a link?