some thoughts about video conferencing

Byron Thomason (
Sat, 25 Feb 95 04:45:43 -0500

I located a few web pages that talked about video conferencing hardware and
software that is available and I had the sneaking suspicion that the
hardware devices were more or less limited to communcate with systems that
have the same device. Then it dawned on my that for the internet in
general that isn't such a great thing. Unless everyone buys the same piece
of hardware. Or unless there is some sort of standard that everyone use's
like the Hayes compatible modems. So, for me... someone who was considering
investing in pc video conferencing hardware, I decided that the most
intelligent thing to do at this point is to support cuseeme. The other
thing is that of the hardware that I saw ALL of them required at least ISDN.
So, I feel much better knowing what to focus on for the immediate future.
I talked to one of the programmers via e-mail and he seemed to think that
a 28.8 dialup with video and audio should come about sometime in the
future. He mentioned that some accepted compression standards like indeo
could possibly be incorporated, etc.