Accessing CU-SeeMe-L via Netscaape

Chuck Cooper (
Sat, 25 Feb 1995 05:56:43 -0800

Has anyone considered changing this forum from a mail list to a newsgroup?

I do not have a mail sorter and find it difficult to sift through the
CU-SEEME correspondance and find any other mail in the clutter. It seems
that the volume that currently runs from 25 - 75 posts daily to this mail
list warrants the logical growth step to a newsgroup.

I am most gracious if this is implemented.

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I'm reading CU-SeeMe-L through Msattlers homepage/ CU-SeeMe-L/archives
using Netscape. This is actuallu
much better than joining the list in that I can
browse the topics and respond at will (and save bandwidth
by not downloading every commmunication). This method has
the utlility of a news group but the feel of a list and
the increased functionality afforded by a web browser.

Thanx Michael!
Lurker with a QuickCam who can CU- :)

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