USENET Groups again (was Re: Accessing CU-SeeMe-L via Netscaape)

Borre Ludvigsen (
Sat, 25 Feb 1995 16:13:42 +0000 (GMT)

Use the digest form instead. A News group has been considered, but
kindness to the net and consideration of others, less voracious bandwidth
demands would advise us to remain somewhat more anonymous than Usenet
exposure would give at this time.

CUsm gets plenty of exposure (Time Magazine, and just about every
computer journal around) to placate those who seek wide publicity.

It is the considered opinion of those in the know, that just the traffic
generated by mass launching of the software that Usenet exposure would
give, would completely clog inter- and transcontinental lines. These are
already peeking at max capacity almost daily.

The forthcoming release of a MSW version with audio will in itself be
enough to gently nudge the continental carrier(s) into taking their
fibre-laying ships out of port sooner than they wanted.

We really do need the bandwidth before CU-SeeMe with good audio and a
shared workspace becomes the next killer application of the net. Else it
might be the application that killed the net.

In the mean time we're hard at work developing services with CUsm that
will contribute to assuring its place in the panoply of Internet tools of
the future rather than making it the first Cord on the information highway.

- Barre

On Sat, 25 Feb 1995, Chuck Cooper wrote:

> Has anyone considered changing this forum from a mail list to a newsgroup?
> I do not have a mail sorter and find it difficult to sift through the
> CU-SEEME correspondance and find any other mail in the clutter. It seems
> that the volume that currently runs from 25 - 75 posts daily to this mail
> list warrants the logical growth step to a newsgroup.
> I am most gracious if this is implemented.
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> I'm reading CU-SeeMe-L through Msattlers homepage/ CU-SeeMe-L/archives
> using Netscape. This is actuallu
> much better than joining the list in that I can
> browse the topics and respond at will (and save bandwidth
> by not downloading every commmunication). This method has
> the utlility of a news group but the feel of a list and
> the increased functionality afforded by a web browser.
> Thanx Michael!
> Lurker with a QuickCam who can CU- :)
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