Re: USENET Groups again (was Re: Accessing CU-SeeMe-L via Netscaape)

Paul S. Troutman (
Sat, 25 Feb 1995 13:03:12 -0500

>CUsm gets plenty of exposure (Time Magazine, and just about every
>computer journal around) to placate those who seek wide publicity.

Barre is right. With the broadcast of the "Machine Screw" CUSM event on
The Discovery channel - a national audiance (over satillite and cable)
sometime in march, we will have more than enough people using this program
to clog the T1 pipeline. I've been following the press about CUSM since last
year, and it only growing by leaps and bounds, Before the technology will
be ready to handle everyone.

Here is the latest thing on CUSM in Internet World:

"... A program named CU-SeeMe originally created for the Mac by Tom Dorsey
with design help from Richard Cogger and Scott Brim of Cornell - is fast
becoming the video conferencing toll favored by schools, coleges, and
goverment agencies. Although it only delivers a small black-and-white images,
NASA uses it to distribute its television service, NASA Select TV, over the
Internet. Schools love it because it works over low-bandwith lines and can be
extended to any number of sites and desktops without additional cost. The
question isn't quality of the image, it's who can see you. If the software is
free, obviosly anyone can. Thousands of copies are in use..."

(info availible at

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