Re: QuickCam: can this man be helped

Bill Ryan (
Mon, 27 Feb 1995 07:18:37 -0800

Could this be the infamous QuickCam vs. AppleTalk serial port conflict seen when using QuickCam software versions prior to 1.0.2a??????

Either make AppleTalk "Inactive" via the chooser or get the QuickCam 1.0.2a Updater.

Hope this is/was the problem,


>>From: Stuart Greenfield <>
>>Date: Sat, 25 Feb 95 18:04:04 -2400
>>Mime-Version: 1.0
>>Subject: QuickCam and Cu-Seeme
>> I installed a QC on both a PPC 7100 and Mac //ci. The PPC is connected
>>to the net through a SLIP connection, while the //ci is on our agency's
>>ethernet backbone, which is directly connected to the Net. Both Macs are
>>running System 7.1. I've installed the QC properly and am able to take
>>pictures and record movies. However, when I run CU all I can do is
>>receive video through a relector and not transmit. I do not get a local
>>video window as shown in your writeup. I'd greatly appreciate your
>>providing me any hints/tips that will allow me to engage in video
>>conferencing, as I wanted to demonstrate this feature at a presentation
>>on Monday.
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