RE: GPF-Video conflict?
Mon, 27 Feb 95 12:19:36 EST

Doug Dalton wrote:

>Some one stated that we could lower the number of GPF's if we exclude (in
>windows) a block memory... I have a Reval VC500 ant I currently use a dos
>exclusion of A000-C7FF what and where do I make changes to windows?
Video memory conflict is one of several possible reasons for certain apps
causing GPFs that can be solved by system and OS tuning.

You can try to exclude the entire EMM area by adding a "rem" to the line
DEVICE=C:\Windows\Emm386.exe....(etc) in config.sys and adding
EmmExclude=A000-EFFF to the [386Enh] section of system.ini in your
windows dir. This will not mask hardware conflicts between adapters, but it
may mask some other adapter-mem conflict besides video that may be causing

If you are running lots of drivers that need to load in real memory, this will
rob the real memory pool for Windows and possibly create other problems,
depending on what and how many drivers are loading in DOS, but it may
work as a test. You can easily reverse the change. If the problem goes away -
you may be happy - but you should think about fine tuning the machine and
the OSs to match what is there in order to optimize what you have to work
with. This is a much broader discussion than this list was designed for. Keep in
mind that CU-SeeMe is in a state of development and is by no means bug
free, however it is running free of GPFs on other machines.

There are many other factors that can cause less than best performance and
random errors for machine/OS/application set ups having to do with hardware,
BIOS, network devices, com devices, OS/TCP versions, etc. One can find
many good pointers and answers in related newsgroups
(, for starters).


P. A. Petricone <> Microsystems dev. lab