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I'm working on an essay on Art on the Internet which is being considered
for inclusion in a book to be published by one of the leading American
publishing companies.

This is a short note to ask you to share with me any information about your
own work, or about the work of other artists that explore the Internet as a
medium, installation site, event, or exhibition space.

I'm interested in all forms of experimental artistic production and
expression that use the Internet, including (but not restricted to) web
pages, videoconferencing, radio, e-mail, ascii art, pieces that have to be
ftp-ed prior to viewing, discussion lists, physical gallery installations,
new experiments, work-in-progress, etc. I'm interested in information
about individual pieces as well as large bodies of work.

I'm also interested in non-art events, ideas, situations, images, systems,
processes, programs, etc., that can be of direct interest to artists.

In the specific case of this essay, I'm not interested in work that has a
commercial base (including design, promotional pieces, games and other
forms of entertainment).

While no guarantees can be made concerning the possible inclusion in the
essay of the information submitted, I can assure you that all information
submitted will be read with absolute care and consideration. Even if not
used in this specific case, the information submitted may very well be
included in future essays, events, or exhibitions -- in which case you
would be contacted prior to its inclusion.

In case the information submitted is included in the essay and you wish to
receive a copy of the printed version, please include a snail-mail address
in your message.

Please pass along this call for information to other colleagues.

I thank you in advance for sharing this information with me.


Eduardo Kac

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