RE: QuickCam Problems

Danm (
28 Feb 1995 22:44:42 U

I had the same problem. I use microsoft mail and was using a geoport modem.
MSmail latches onto the printer port and wont let go EVEN THOUGH I AM ON AN
ETHERNET [ A REAL BAD BUG], and the geoport irritates the problem. I moved the
camera to the modem port, put the modem in the printer port and reset the
software to reflect these changes. If you are using a geoport, try a real
modem; you will be very happy. if you make the changes to a none geoport
besure to remove ALL the geoport and express modem stuff.

also, i use my quad as an ARA server. by shuting off the 'wait for call' in
ARA setup i get double the frames per second from the camera.

From: on Tue, Feb 28, 1995 9:43 PM
Subject: QuickCam Problems

We have two QuickCam's which work fine on our Quadras 605 with System 7.1,
Sound Manager 3.0.
When we deselect the "Push to Talk" option on CU-SeeMe's (0.70b1) Audio window
the Mac freezes immediatly. The same happens when we first select "Connect to
self" and then choose the user in the Participants menu.
We have tried on 3 different Quadras 605, with AppleTalk on and off, taking
out all unnecessary extensions.

Any solution ? Could the *spanish* System 7.1 be the problem ?
Caracas, Venezuela

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