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>Date: Wed, 31 Jan 1996 14:15:54 -0100
>From: Christopher Sima <>
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>Subject: reflect / refmon question
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>Hi all,
>i'm running reflect 4.00B3 on my site ( under linux 1.2.13.
>it seems rather logical to me that i can manage (and terminate) my own
>reflect with the refmon -s term command.
>installing refmon on a differnet machine and connecting to mine will give
>the originator the possibility of terminating mit reflect proccess.
>i don't think that this is such a good idea. maybe there's something behind
>that feature/bug i don't get yet ?!
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Ah, there's a command that you put in the reflector configuration file that


This tells your reflector to respond ONLY to the refmon running from that IP
address. I'm not sure, but you might even be able to use the bitwise format of:


to allow any IP to be used (this format CAN be used on ADMIT
and DENY commands). This is a security feature, and it's in the docs.

ALL REFLECTOR OPERATORS:Be sure that you add the refmon command to keep
idiots like me from accidentally downing your reflector.

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