Re: Problem with Cu and MAC6200

Jim R. Crewe (
01 Feb 1996 17:52:31 GMT

>Hi, I am from the University of Brighton and we are investigating
CuSeeme. We have been trying to run the latest version on a Performa6200
and a powermac 7200 without total success. What happens is that we can
receive video but not transmit video as the relevent menu items are
greyed out.<

Hmm...sounds like the problem I had when I first tried using CUSeeMe with
Quickcam. Prior to getting the camera, I had been using CU to view only and
it's Pref file apparently interpreted this as a permanent (greyed out menu
items) situation, even after I got a camera and installed it's driver. The
solution was to delete the CU Pref file. It naturally created a new one when
the program was run and everything in the menu became accessible.