Re: cu-seeme

Brad (
Thu, 01 Feb 1996 20:58:18 -0800

Tom Plumley wrote:
> I received a Connectix QuickCam for xmas and want to use cu-seeme.I've
> downloaded cu-seeme and Go CU-SeeMe GO also. When unzipping Go CU-See Me GO
> do I overwrite all files? Am I doing this right? I know very little about
> computers but am trying to absorb as much as possible.Any help would be
> extreeeemly appreciated. I need step by step help.Thanking you in advance
> Tom PlumleyFirst of all, don't bother if you're connection is slower then 28.8.
Second, I recommend you print out the txt file that came with your
cu-seeme download. The instructions are very comprehensive. Make sure you
unzip your files in a temporary directory. Then follow the installation
instructions. For the "go" software, the web page you got it from has
excellent directions to follow. But, read it through BEFORE installing or
you miss an important step like I did and have to delete your stuff to
get it right.