Cuseeme for unix

Scott Woodard (
Thu, 01 Feb 1996 20:56:53 -0600

Dear Team:

I know I've seen some discussion on this topic before, but why is it
that the client
hasn't been ported to Unix. With the addition of Quickcam on a parallel
port, why
can't this be accomplished? What am I missing here. Cuseeme works well
under WABI on
unix, however WABI won't let me connect it's view of a parallel port to
a device file,
so I can't get a camera connected under this environment. However,
viewing and chat
work just fine.

I desire to more fully use this medium in a more productive manner and
many of my users
would be on Unix workstations. I would really like to take advantage of
the these
systems without the need/hassle of WABI, not to mention avoid the
additional resource
requirements of WABI and the insurmountable problem of connecting the
camera to it.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time and

Scott Woodard