Re: Will the QuickCam work with Cu-SeeMe?

Jim R. Crewe (
02 Feb 1996 18:03:51 GMT

>I am new to the list and in using Cu-SeeMe so forgive any redundencies.

I have a Quadra 605 with a QuickCam. Will this be sufficient? I take it
that I may need something in the way of a video board or Spigot?<

All you need is a 'free' serial port to plug your Quickcam into. It comes
with it's own Driver (should be v1.1..if not d/l it from their website). If
both your modem and printer ports are in use, I recommend installing an A/B
switcher to your printer port.
Don't forget to make AppleTalk (under Chooser) inactive whenever using the