Orchid Videola

James J. Orlowski (jjo@pgh.nauticom.net)
Fri, 2 Feb 1996 15:36:46 -0500 (EST)

Hello. If this question has been asked before, please bear with me as I am
new to this mailing list.

I have an Orchid Videola Premium Video Capture card and am having problems
with CU-SeeMe. I understand the Orchid is compatible with CU-SeeMe, but my
sending video image is distorted. All I can transmit is the upper-right
hand quarter of my video. Why is this? I've fooled endlessly with the
video dimensions, source, palettes, etc. to no avail. I either get static,
or the upper righgt quarter. Anyone else ecperienced this?

James J. Orlowski
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