Reflector MOTD

Erica Rogers (
Fri, 02 Feb 1996 12:46:48 -0800


I believe this is the correct list to post this question to...if
not I apologize. I'm running a reflector (version 4.0b3) on a BSD
machine (BSDI BSD/386 1.1), and am having a rather strange
problem. The MOTD appears promptly after restarting my
reflector but then seems to slowly dwindle away. I'll connect
the first time one day and it'll work. But then a couple
of days later I'll connect and it won't show up. At first
I thought the MOTD might simply be getting lost due to
poor internet connections but this occurs on anything from a 28.8
to a T1 line.

Any ideas??

Thanks for any help.


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