Slow video response any help?

Peter Goolishian (
Fri, 02 Feb 1996 16:12:30 -0800

I am using a Pentium 90 with 16 meg of RAM, Diamond Stealth 64 PCI 2 meg,
SB 16 ASP sound, a Connectix mini cam, USR 28.8i modem, on 28.8 PPP
internet service. I am having trouble finding or connecting to a
reflector, when I do connect the video is very choppy on no motion at
Is this a product of the connection speed or do I posssibly have another
problem? I am testing this for one of my clients who is using Windows 95.
His provider uses Dynamic IP addressing which is causing problems getting
connected to a reflector. We are using the hosts file trick but it's
still intermittently troublsome. Please email any help to me at

Thank You
Peter Goolishian
Computer Service & Supply