Firewall Help Needed

Elliott Mitchell (Elliott@CTRVAX.VANDERBILT.EDU)
Fri, 2 Feb 1996 16:32:50 -0600

Had an interesting chat this PM with a staff member to the U.S. Senator
from Tennessee, Dr. Bill Frist. Sen. Frist would like to be able to use
CU-SeeMe or something like it to have regularly scheduled chats with
students around the state. Our statewide ConnectTEN project could very
well allow that to happen by next fall, but here's the problem: The
Senator and his staff sit behind a firewall that is not of their own doing,
and over which they have little control.

When I first started fooling with CU a few years ago, I regularly chatted
with a fellow in Alabama, who was in the training department of a major
printer manufacturer. He too was behind a firewall, but seemed to be able
to operate his own reflector back there, to which we outsiders could
connect. In other words, he couldn't connect directly to anyone with CU,
but he could connect to his reflector and others could too.

Unfortunately, the aging sponge I laughingly call a brain has lost this
fellow's name, I don't see his reflector listed in the current CUSeeMe
Nicknames file, and I have no idea how he accomplished this feat.

If anyone reading this knows how the reflector-behind-a-firewall trick
works, I'd sure like to hear about it.



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