First bonehead fixes for Macs, QuickCam, and CuSeeMe.

Ray Doeksen (
Fri, 2 Feb 1996 16:17:35 -0600

If you can't seem to send video:

1. Set monitor to 256 colors or 256 greys.
2. Turn off Express Modem if you aren't using it....
3. Turn off AppleTalk in the Chooser if you are trying to use the
"printer/appletalk" serial port for a QuickCam.

Or, just fiddle with it for a bit. That usually fixes just about
everything. Hard part is figuring out what to fiddle with.

No, a Mac with a QuickCam does not need a video capture board. Read the
QuickCam manual (RTFM) that came with your camera or check out the
Connectix web pages, or just watch the list for a day or two to get answers
you your question and a few others....

>I am new to the list and in using Cu-SeeMe so forgive any redundencies.
>I have a Quadra 605 with a QuickCam. Will this be sufficient? I take it
>that I may need something in the way of a video board or Spigot?
>Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>Nicholas Theodore

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