WIN95 Problems

R.C. K. (
Sat, 3 Feb 96 08:33:20 UT

Here are comments on why CUSeeMe will not run under WIN95 for me anyway.
According to the CUSeeME.EXE, it looks for the following Imported Libraries:
ivslider (I put in Windows\system), initvcontrolclasses (common call), ctl3d
(have), msvideo (have), winsock (have), kernel-GDI and User (have), keyboard
????, win87em (have), commdlg (have) and mmsystem (have). Have means these
DLLs are in my Windows directory. I do not have a keyboard.dll: have
keyboard.drv, sys and inf.

When I try to run CUSeeMe, WIN95 displays a warning dialog that says CUSeeMe
is looking for a DLL that is nonexistent.

Any ideas, comments, suggestions?

My QuickCam, IPhone, Microsoft Explorer etc, etc.. all work fine through my
provider. No other known problems with Internet, audio or video connections on