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Sgt Daniel W. Erskine wrote:
> On Wed, 31 Jan 1996, uke wrote:
> > Hi all!
> >
> > Im getting a GPF on cuseeme.exe at 000:DDB9 a minute or so after
> > connection. I'm running on a Intel P90 28.8 modem. Would really
> > be great to have a resolution to this problem. I did have the max
> > amount of windows open and I was sending video at the time. I repeated
> > the hook up several times and had the same results(after re-boot).
> > I also tried it over several days thinking it might be the hook up.
> > Would be great if someone had a solution.
> >
> > Merv
> Greetings:
> Let's try this:
> Machine type (i.e. - Gateway?):
> Operating System (i.e. - MSDOS?):
> Windowing Environ (Win95, Win3.x?):
> System Memory (i.e. - 8 or 16Mb?):
> Have you tried trimming back your bandwidth requirements (i.e. - Xmit/Recv
> mins & maxs, Max windows)? Maybe your maxing out you memory and/or your
> network buffers?
> Does this GPF happen at the same location (0000:DDB9) all the time, or does
> this value change on occasion? This value *should* change as your software
> is always loading into different locations, when run at different times. If
> the value stays the same, try re-arranging some drivers in your CONFIG.SYS
> (MS-DOS, only). Make sure you have atleast "BUFFERS=40", "FILES=50", and
> "STACKS=9,256" in your CONFIG.SYS file!
> Try your system again with these changes in mind, and let me know how things
> went.
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With all due respect,

I am running PC thru Windows 3.1 and do not have GPF issues while setting
my config.sys much lower: 20 for files and buffers. This keeps memory
usage to a minimum of course. Now, I do not know much about these things
but the adjustments you refer to affect the running of a program, not
conflicts which is what a GPF signifies... I think. Therefore, I would
still recommend a re-install. Then, keep track of any new applications
you install after this step. I suspect it is another program on you
machine that doesn't like this one. It's worth a shot anyway.