CU-SeeMe Problems

Chris Steele (
Sun, 4 Feb 1996 06:23:11 EST5E


I have a question for any and all experienced Windows users of
CU-SeeMe. Since installing the newest version with my Connectix
Quikcam, I've been having problems connecting to various reflector
sites. I have no problem testing my local window, everything seems to
work fine. When I connect to a site (ie. Virtual Dorm I always receive the following error:

Minimum reflector rate is too large set to 10 or less.

My minimum setting is set at 10 with the max set to the speed of my
modem 28.8 bps. After receieving this message CU-SeeMe crashes, or
disconnects from the site. Does anyone know what is going on or how
to remedy this stitutation?
Chris Steele <>
CRS Home Office, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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