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>Bryan Lin wrote:
>> I am having trouble connecting to another user with Cuseeme. I got the
>> hosts error message. I am a dial up internet user, using win95 with
>> 28800 modem. I would like to know if I have to create a "hosts" file,
>> and where should I have this file located. Also, do I need a fixed IP
>> address to use Cuseeme? what if I got different IP address every time I
>> log on.
>> Please help me to solve the problem. Thanks a lot..
>> Bryan LinBryan..
>In your dial-up connection properties for your internet provider,
>try checkmarking the "Log onto Network" box.
>You do not need a "hosts" file nor a fixed IP address.
>If, for some reason, you do want to create a "hosts" file,
>put it in the C:\WINDOWS directory. There will already be a file
>in there called hosts.sam which is a "sample" hosts file created by
>Windows 95, but I don't need a hosts file, so you shouldn't either.

Not true, John. My provider has registered a DNS name for each of their IP
addresses, and yours probably has, too, but not all ISPs do this. If they
don't do this, then the user will definitely need a HOSTS file. Check my
next message, "subject:mini-faq" for more info.

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