Reflector problems

Jim Ryan (
Mon, 5 Feb 1996 01:55:05 -0500

I can successfully connect to the reflector and conference with other =
people in the office. But once we start transmitting at excessive rates =
the message "you are not authorized to use this reflector" pops up over =
and over again. If you don't get out of CuSeeMe fast enough than the =
whole system will crash. I've tried setting the various max. min and =
cap parameters in reflect.conf an on the workstations to no avail. =20

I'm desperate, we have some clients coming to look at this tomorrow. =
I'm using 4 P/133 workstations connected over UTP to a Plug and Play =
Linux reflector. I'm using sharp color video cameras and Intel =
compression boards. This is the latest White Pine version of the =

Thanks in advance,