Re: help needed

John Osborne (
Mon, 05 Feb 1996 19:22:05 +1000

Seeing how you say you are going through a firewall, do you know if
your firewall will permit passage of UDCP packets? This is what
is used for CUSEEME transmissions, so if your firewall won't pass them
to you, you'll get no response.

Jef Stevens wrote:
> Hi cuseeme guru's,
> I am a newcomer to this exiting world of on-line video stuff. I've downloaded
> the bits and installed then (correctly I guess). If I try to contact a site
> though, the system "hangs" for a few seconds and comes back with the message:
> "no response from ip.address". Any idea's?
> My config:
> PC, running WinNT 3.51
> CUSeeMe, version W0.84B7
> Netscape 2b6a as browser
> my PC -> microsoft RAS -> firewall -> internet
> thanks guys!
> Jef
> email: