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John Osborne (
Mon, 05 Feb 1996 19:35:09 +1000

Nope...what you say is incorrect.
I regularly use 4 different Internet providers, only one of which
(the one I am using to reply to you on) has me on a fixed IP address.
The other 3 are dynamic IP addresses (in particular and
Bryan asked if *he* needed a fixed IP address from his provider in
order to use CUSEEME, or a "hosts" file. The answer to those questions
is no, and no, you don't need either. I have no "host" file on any of
my machines, and dynamic IP addresses on three providers that work just
fine (sending and receiving) with CUSEEME. Please recheck your facts.
And, incidentally, it is not a PPP/SLIP issue either in case anyone is
curious, as my providers are mixed on those also. IBM.NET only supports
SLIP (dynamic IP), MSN.COM is modified PPP (Dynamic PPP after a
fashion), MagnaData is PPP on a fixed IP address, and a local provider
I'm trialling which is PPP with dynamic IP address.
No problems, and no hosts file.
This is operating under Windows '95 using their TCP/IP stack.

Bill Woodland wrote:
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> >Bryan Lin wrote:
> >>
> >> I am having trouble connecting to another user with Cuseeme. I got the
> >> hosts error message. I am a dial up internet user, using win95 with
> >> 28800 modem. I would like to know if I have to create a "hosts" file,
> >> and where should I have this file located. Also, do I need a fixed IP
> >> address to use Cuseeme? what if I got different IP address every time I
> >> log on.
> >> Please help me to solve the problem. Thanks a lot..
> >>
> >> Bryan LinBryan..
> >In your dial-up connection properties for your internet provider,
> >try checkmarking the "Log onto Network" box.
> >You do not need a "hosts" file nor a fixed IP address.
> >If, for some reason, you do want to create a "hosts" file,
> >put it in the C:\WINDOWS directory. There will already be a file
> >in there called hosts.sam which is a "sample" hosts file created by
> >Windows 95, but I don't need a hosts file, so you shouldn't either.
> >John
> >
> Not true, John. My provider has registered a DNS name for each of their IP
> addresses, and yours probably has, too, but not all ISPs do this. If they
> don't do this, then the user will definitely need a HOSTS file. Check my
> next message, "subject:mini-faq" for more info.
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