Timing Out

Brian Geraghty (briang@user1.channel1.com)
Mon, 5 Feb 1996 14:27:25 -0500

To All:

I'm using Dial Up networking (under Windows 95) on a pentium w/16meg
ram and cu-seeme (alpha/beta release) with quickcam. I have been able to
connect OK but when I time out of a reflector I can no longer connect again
to ANY reflector and the connection choice for connect to SELF becomes low
lighted. I have to disconnect from the internet and reconnect (I am using a
28.8 US Robotics internal modem). Upon reconnecting to my ISP, I am able to
once again connect to a reflector. I think redialing must reset something. I
have reviewed all my setup info with the tech support people at the ISP and
the settings seem to be OK. Is there some setting I need in my cuseeme.ini
file to reset on time out (assuming that is the cause).

Another question: Since I am using LPT2: as the quickcam port,
should I modify any of the settings for this port?

Thanks for any guidance (besides these problems I really like the product).

Best regards,