Re: Device allready in use. Invalid Handle.

Paul Manno (
Mon, 5 Feb 1996 17:00:04 -0600

I just downloaded CU-SeeMe and I cannot connect to any IP Address:( I am
accessing the internet through a slip connection through a unix server at
school, at 9600 baud. (I know, that's very slow...) I'm using interslip
and MacTCP as well. I have a 28.8 modem, no video. I'm running off of a
PowerMac 7100/80. Every time I go to the connect menu, I am told there is
no response. I even tried to connect to myself and again it said no
response... Is there anything that I might have to configure differently?
Are there any reflectors in service 24 hrs that I might test off of?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. If any more info is needed, please
e-mail me:

Thanks so much...