My Transmit Pic...

Gary McGuire (
Mon, 05 Feb 1996 15:05:01 -0800


I am having trouble with getting my picture to come up here on the transmit

CUSEEME shows my user name in the taskbar area. When I click the ICON it
doesn't bring me up.

My Quick cam is working with the quick cam software fine. But can't get a box
up using CUSEEME.

I have installed CUSEEME software on several of my friends machines using
Windows 95 and followed the installation instructions provided at the CUSEEME

This particular install on this Pentium 75 by Packard Bell is not working. I
am able to hit reflectors and lurk okay and the software seems to be working
fine that way.

The other windows 95 machines I have installed are all also Packard Bells.
I would love to here any ideas as to the possible cause of my problem.

Gary McGuire