Re: Device allready in use. Invalid Handle.

John Osborne (
Tue, 06 Feb 1996 11:54:53 +1000

Jeeeeez...chill already. Are we having a bad hair day?
You download software at no charge, have a problem with it,
give no specifics as to what kind of problem(s) you are having, and
then nuke the entire development effort.
Sounds like false indignation to me.

Incidentally, if you are getting a "device already in use" it's
generally exactly that. Either some other program has your video
capture card(or whatever you're did not specify) open, or
had it openbut didn't close it properly.
How about some specifics like, platform, operating system, video card
type, version of CUSEEME you are running?

I think CUSEEME is great, and some aspects of it impose a learning
curve. So try, ask, learn, and help others, rather than just dumping
all over the whole project.

No regards, John

Brad wrote:
> Device allready in use. Invalid Handle.
> What do these mean? Can someone help me out with this??
> And also why is the help file so TOTALLY LAME and WORTHLESS???
> It basically tells you NOTHING. And that is very irritating. I
> understand that this is free software but cu-seeme is making
> themselves look bad by putting out CRAP. I wish they would get it
> together. They've been working on this for a long time now.
> Thanks, Brad...