Re: My Transmit Pic...

John Osborne (
Tue, 06 Feb 1996 12:17:03 +1000

This problem seems to be coming up so often it probably deserves a place
in the FAQ. This usually means that the local video window *IS* up, but
just so far off your desktop screen (like, too far to the right/bottom)
that you can't see it
Try RIGHT clicking on the taskbar's local video window entry and MOVING
it to a location on your screen where you can see it.

Regards, John

Gary McGuire wrote:
> Hi,
> I am having trouble with getting my picture to come up here on the transmit
> side.
> CUSEEME shows my user name in the taskbar area. When I click the ICON it
> doesn't bring me up.
> My Quick cam is working with the quick cam software fine. But can't get a box
> up using CUSEEME.
> I have installed CUSEEME software on several of my friends machines using
> Windows 95 and followed the installation instructions provided at the CUSEEME
> site.
> This particular install on this Pentium 75 by Packard Bell is not working. I
> am able to hit reflectors and lurk okay and the software seems to be working
> fine that way.
> The other windows 95 machines I have installed are all also Packard Bells.
> I would love to here any ideas as to the possible cause of my problem.
> Thanks,
> Gary McGuire