Re: New enhanced version.

John Osborne (
Tue, 06 Feb 1996 12:07:32 +1000

First suggestion...
Dump the Trupet Winsock TCP/IP stack.
If you are running Windows 95 you no longer need it (and I am a
registered Trumpet license owner :( ) and use the Windows 95 TCP/IP
stack instead. If you are unsure about what to do in this regard,
check out for lotz of helpful hints on W95
Inter-networking. Unless you are using the 32-bit version of Trumpet,
you will not be able to use any 32-bit client Internet software, such as
the 32-bit versions of Netscape or mIRC.
The native W95 TCP/IP winsock stack can support all of these.
Dynamic IP addreses do not figure into any of the equations. Dynamic
IP's are just fine.
Regards, John

James Hedrick wrote:
> I have been running PC Win version .84 b7 of cuseeme for a while. it works
> good......a few bugs. I have downloaded the enhanced alpha from white pine.
> I installed it and got a few error messages on startup that i did not get
> from the older version. it seems to have trouble at startup. I am running
> trumpet winsock with win 95 on a 28.8 modem dialup ISP who dynamicly assigns
> IP address. To my knowlege I have not needed a hosts file because my ISP
> supports a name server. Do I need one for the enhanced version? or are the
> requirements exactly the same. I would like to upgrade the software if it is
> worth it but do not want to put all the time in just to end up where i am now.
> Thanks is advance for the help.
> James
> PGAJames