mini-faq for 2/5/96

Bill Woodland (
Mon, 05 Feb 1996 20:32:09 -0600

Q:I've just downloaded CU-SeeMe. Can I just use it for voice communications
because I do not have the video capturing facility at the moment. I'm
thinking of investing on the video but not in the near future.
A:Yes, you can use the audio features without sending video. The problem
right now is that you can only change the receive cap setting from the local
video window, which you won't have. Use notepad to edit the cuseeme.ini
file located in your windows directory. Find the [flow control] section and
change the MaxRecvCap= line to match the speed of your modem.

Q:Where can I find a reflector list?
A:My web page (listed below) has a "finger" link to John Becker's MAC and PC
lists. There is also a page there with links to lots of other CU-SeeMe
related sites, including Michael Sattler's page, which also has a reflector

Q:I can only recieve right now, as I don't have a camera yet. Does this go
against the "ediquite" (spelling) of using the CU-SeeMe program if you can
see them, but they can't see you? It almost amounts to......well.......
spying, doesn't it?
A:If they are on a PUBLIC reflector, then they realize this. If they don't
want to be seen, they would connect without sending video.

Q:How do I connect to another person, instead of to a reflector?
A:First of all be sure that you have permission. All you need to do is
enter THEIR IP address instead of that of a reflector.

Q:When will cu-seeme support Connectix QuickCam?
A:It does now. Get the latest and greatest PC version from Cornell at

Q:I can not get a local video window to appear when I first start Cu-SeeMe.
I have a Reveal TV-500 card. Is this the problem?
A:The Reveal TV-500 card is listed as "untested" in the compat.txt file.
You will have to get one that is supported by CU, or wait for Cornell to
investigate and correct this.

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