Unsupported Function+Scratchy Tom Servo+VE500=Help wanted

Patrick M. Shannon (shannonp@sky.net)
Mon, 5 Feb 1996 22:51:05 -0600

When I start up CU-SeeMe version W0.84B7. I get two 'Unsupported =
function.' messages. Then Tom servo's window pops up but it is all =
garbage white and black lines. If I go into Video Setup and click a =
different Palette Type I again get a 'Unsupported function.' message and =
different garbage white and black lines. I have a Reveal Video Artist =
(VE500), P-5/120Mhz w/ 32 Meg/Ram. I have looked at the help files and =
some other help like files on the web. Any help would be appreciated!! =
(after all I bought this card so I could do CUSM.)

P.S. Does anyone know of a different card that is in the $400 range =
(possibly one with the new pentium type card slots)?

Patrick M. Shannon