Switch box recommendation

Dick Williams (richlw@erie.net)
Tue, 06 Feb 1996 09:34:27 GMT

CU-SeeMe seems to working okay except for the occasional gpf I seem to
get for no apparent reason. Anyone else experiencing this problem?
Anyway, can anyone recommend a good switch box so I can plug in my
printer? It is a royal pain plugging and unplugging CU-SeeMe and the
printer. I think I read somewhere that Connectix makes a switchbox
specifically for printers and QuickCam. BTW, I am using a 486DX2/50
with 20 megs of ram and Win95 Also, I purchased a a Compact Switch
which is a bi-directional automatic parallel printer switch made by
Primax. Being it is an electronic switch I was advised against using
it; guess it goes back to the vendor. Thanks for the help! :=)