Fwd: Re: help needed: No Response From URL

Paul F. Sagasta (pauls@mozart.inet.co.th)
Tue, 06 Feb 1996 17:00:48 +0700

John Osborne wrote:
> Jef...
> Seeing how you say you are going through a firewall, do you know if
> your firewall will permit passage of UDCP packets? This is what
> is used for CUSEEME transmissions, so if your firewall won't pass them
> to you, you'll get no response.
> John
> Jef Stevens wrote:
> > though, the system "hangs" for a few seconds and comes back with the message:
> > "no response from ip.address". Any idea's?

Same problem here.

Could an ISP have UDP's blocked, intentionally or otherwise, w/out a
firewall? I note that no UDP apps, like WINTALK, TraceRoute or CUSEEME, seem
to work on my set-up. Though all TCP apps work through SlIrP.

Paul F. Sagasta