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Rob Williams (
6 Feb 1996 10:32:50 U

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I just got my CuSeeMe system up and running after a couple weeks of lurking and
reading CuSeeME email traffic. Using info gained, I was pleasantly surprised to
encounter no problems getting up and running (Quadra 630, System 7.5, 14.4
modem, QuickCam out of printer port with AppleShare disabled).

Needless to say I was very excited about exploring my new "toy" as a medium for
family/friend communication and as part of distance graduate education/research
collaboration project I am exploring as part of my job.

I was very disappointed the first night of surfing the reflector sites with
what I saw - needless to say I had hoped to introduce my wife and kids to the
marvels of internet technology but realize that there are other forces that
have seen the promise of long distance near-autonomous video transmission.

Bottomline - I suspect that some of the reflector sites have:
1. shut down temporarily to discourage pornographic/gay conferencing on their
reflectors after hours.
2. gone private user only as a last resort.

Rob Williams, Ph.D. (home)

Date: 2/5/96 11:22 AM
To: Rob Williams
Does anybody knows why my system is no more able to connect to reflectors
but only to singles???
I can transmit video and CuSeeMe works perfectly with one-to-one
connections; when i try to connect to a reflector i get the message "No
response from ...."
Please somebody help me!!!!!!
Pls email to:
Thanks a lot!!

To: <>
Subject: No connection to reflectors: why?